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Xtreme Wheelz Offroad Kit
Xtreme Wheelz

Just a review for those of you looking for a twist in your longboard fixation. Xtreme Wheels ( makes a few sets of off road wheels. I have had extensive experience skating, and pulling drifts on the crushed granite hills of the arboretum located on campus with these babies.

The 112 mm (4.41") wheels can be used on a standard board with the included lift kit. This entails a wide based cell block with a secondary 25.4 mm (1") rectangular block mounted below, next to the trucks. Throw away the 25.4 mm (1") rectangular block and get an old school 64mm (.25") riser and mount it under the wide based cell block. This will save those short legged individuals from pulling their groin on the flats, while still preventing wheel bite on big carves.

Mount the trucks as far apart as possible to cut down on speed wobbles. Longboards were built for high speed and carving phat.

The rubber composition wheels are virtually silent, unlike the 747 humming of standard urethane wheels. The ride is smoother, eating up small rocks, pebbles, and bumps without transmitting the feel to the rider. They are spooky at first, but I have yet to meet anyone who dislikes the Lexus like ride they provide on pavement. Smooth as butter.

The Xtreme wheels are available with color coordinating styrene hubcap details. They will fall off and get trashed and you will look like a kook until then. Save your cash for band-aids.

The wheels can be mounted smooth side out, or mag style out. The mag style looks like a black version of the wheels on the General Lee. You know, the Dukes of Hazzard 1970 Dodge Charger.

High speed is attainable due to their large diameter, but sliding to a stop is next to impossible on pavement due to the soft compound composition of the wheels. Grip is good off road, but the center ridge with tractor tire lugs on the sides are slippery on wet pavement. The small contact patch and smooth rubber make for a low traction surface on wet asphalt. I was however, fully stoked when I could skate in the rain over rough manhole covers, fallen twigs & small tree branches, and thick leaf piles (slippery stuff). I was the only guy skating in the rain to classes and loving it. Grass hills are fun to barrel, but fat divots and tall turf fescues suck. Look for rye & bluegrass mixes for that golf course green feeling.

Railslides are possible, ramp skating is a hoot, and concrete loading dock banks rip with these wheels. Ollies are impossible due to their weight, and kickflips are dangerous to attempt.

The wheel kit runs $75.00 + shipping on the web site mentioned above, but I picked them up for $75.00 + tax at Wheels in Motion in Benicia. Most shops can order them through a distributor for about the same price. Full set ups are also available.

I would give them an 8 out of 10 due to their versatility, and ability to fit any standard deck and truck set up out there. Easily swapped for standard wheels, but available for speed and offroad or stormy conditions.

Happy carving, David Kincaid