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Envy Twintip 45 (XP)
Envy Skateboards

To my knowledge, Envy (based in Cardiff, Calif.) and BareBack Skateboards are the only manufacturers of snowboard-shaped longboards. By observation it seems like they still need a little bit more time to capture the market share. I recently got hold of a Twintip 45 to see what this shape had to offer in the longboarding world.

I got the most basic Twintip, with no concave and no kicktails. This gave a floaty and somewhat inaccurate feel when maneuvering, since I'm used to decks with concave. However, the long wheelbase made the ride quite stable. It's one inch shy in length of my Super Cruiser, but the wheelbase is adjustable as there are 2 sets of holes drilled allowing you to mount the trucks in either position.

The four holes through the deck, in case you didn't know, are for the wheels to pass through when cutting hard turns, preventing wheelbite. These are function for average width longboard trucks (~150mm). However, with wider trucks such as the Randal II's (180mm), these holes are useless except as handles to haul the thing around. And it's heavy too.

This is a minor problem, but when using this deck in the rain, the top got quite slippery since from the factory, the topside deck is scantily gripped. You might want to regrip the full surface yourself if you plan on getting one of these. Also, I'd pass on the completely flat XP and go for the models with concave. I believe this would be worth the little bit extra they charge.

The snowboard shape of the twintip is fun, as you can get the snowboarding feel year round. However, It's purely fun for me and I would look elsewhere for a more versatile and manuverable board for commuting.

- Kevin