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Sector 9 Super Cruiser
Sector 9 USA

The Super Cruiser, at 46 inches long, is one of Sector 9's longest decks besides the (50 something inch Luke Nosewalker), yet even with its huge wheelbase it's still quite maneuverable. This board is 7 plies of Maple with no fiberglass, unlike its glassed Cosmic Series brethren. Its maneuverability can be owed to its good concave, which holds the feet quite well. When I first bought it, it was quite stiff, but it's gotten more flex as it's aged. There is also slight camber (the middle portion is arched a bit) which helps retain energy through turns.

I spend most my time in the first third of the deck, where it is at its widest at 10 inches. Maybe it's just my legs, but the kicktail is not functional in the conventional sense; I'd have to walk to the back or do the splits if I wanted to do a kickturn. However, one of my crazy friends can ollie this thing a little bit. Pretty amusing! I've found the kicktail best for stylishly popping the board in the air in between rides to impress ladies. Hehe.

This surfboard style shape is my favorite for longboards. Sector 9 has a reputation for making maneuverable decks and this is no exception. It came stock with Sector 9's own Pivot trucks (146mm). Straight from the factory this is a carving machine capable of one lane U turns if the trucks are loose enough, but at high speeds this setup tended to wobble a bit. With 180mm Randal RII trucks this is a totally different machine. It's invincible. I do recommend Randals with this particular deck.

Downhill or carving, I find this Sector 9's most versatile deck, suitable for bombing hills or taking it slow through campus.

- Kevin